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Real Estate

When it comes to advising on Real Estate matters we are the number one consumer choice. 30 years of experience at your fingertips, whether you are new to the market or a seasoned vet , our team know's all the angles and will work exclusively for you.


Give us an idea and a name and we will do the rest. We will file your articles, manage and develop your website, provide you with your business 411 listed number and get you your own DNB profile number and most importantly, we will market your product for you.

Identity Branding

This is the most exciting New Edition to our portfolio, Identity Branding coming in 2017, We will be the first company in the market offering this service. This will insulate your name and your company forever without the threats of ever losing it. Call for details and our introductory offer.

What We Do

We are the fastest growing business consultant company in the country that specializes in capital preservation, expansions , start-ups and corporate funding.

Capital Preservation

We protect the money you have available to invest by choosing insured accounts or fixed income investments that promise return of principal.


We will devise a 10-point fail safe business plan to help with your business expansion.

Start ups

We will assist you in every phase of building your company from the ground up, including marketing your niche product, projecting sales and obtaining corporate credit.

Corporate Funding

We will get you the capital you need from banks that are corporate friendly and willing to fund your specialized product,

"This company does it all, I was new to the real estate market and wanted to purchase homes to rehab, they gave me an extensive marketing scheme that has worked times and times again, I own over 65 properties thanks to these guys."

- Ri. Muhamaaed - Miami FL -

Office Real Estate

A sleeper in today's market, commercial real estate, this is where the big bucks are made and not a lot of people know about it not even your regular real estate agents, we keep our ear to the pavement and know whats going on throughout the industry.

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Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is about to boom, rates and property location are starting to become very buyer friendly and attractive for that real estate investor, our team of experts have zeroed in on areas that are under-devlopment and plum for the picking.

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The Morning Cup Of Joe at Cul

That first cup of coffee in the morning gets the juices flowing, thats what we like to think of ourselves here at Cul ProService Corp, that morning cup of joe.

We know life is more then a cup of coffee but how good it taste when brewed just right, thats our foundation here, we are cooking at all time's on all cylinders, we never miss, we never misscalculate and we never over budget.

We know what it takes to get any job done, our staff is college educated and are masters in their field, from Real Estate Agents to Marketing Managers we have it all here and it don't just stop there, we are always training interns and developing them for tasks in the future.

We know what it takes to stay in business and to keep our customers happy, dedication and flat out honesty at every turn, no gimmicks just plain old fashioned hard work ethic here.

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